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ASSAULT™'s clinically driven formula combines the vital "powerhouse" active ingredients above with several key synergists into 3 "MATRICES" specifically formulated to maximize performance-enhancing impact. With more than TWICE the active ingredients per dose of other major brands, few other products can stand up to the power of ASSAULT™!

• Muscle Explosion NO Matrix:

Powerful volumizing compounds, hydrogen ion scavengers and anti-fatigue agents work synergistically to keep muscles jammed, full and tight, with more contractile power than Mother Nature ever anticipated.* This component of ASSAULT™'s aggressive formula will keep you training until the lights go down.

• Strength Domination & Recovery Matrix:

Years of research has produced our most powerful and soluble creatine combo on the market. The result is Creatine Micro-Dosing® which maximizes bio-availability.
• Experience Strength, Endurance, and Muscle Recovery.*
• Ramp up ATP Production, Feed Cellular Volume, and Enhance Nutrient Uptake.*
• Exclusive Creatine Synergy (Creatine HCL/CreaPure)??" Clinically formulated to be more powerful and bio-available then other creatines.

• Mind Connection Matrix:

The three powerful neuro-support agents, taurine, pyroglutamic acid and tyrosine, are naturally occurring brain support chemicals.* ASSAULT™ Mind Connection Matrix contains a unique and strong focus formula, designed specifically to support alertness and concentration capabilities.* More than any caffeine-based jitter product, ASSAULT™ feeds the body, and razor-sharpens mental function.*

• Suma Root ??" Russian Anabolic Secret: ASSAULT™'s secret weapon!

Suma is a natural performance-boosting, strength-and muscle-building herbal derivative that has been used for years by top Russian Athletes.* Suma is a South American herbal derivative with several adaptogenic properties. Suma gets its muscle-building properties from its high levels of phyto-chemicals including beta ecdysterone and other ecdysteroid glycosides.*

Suma is suggested to:*

  • increase nitrogen retention and support protein synthesis*
  • improve cellular oxygenation and enhance energy pathways*
  • regulate hormone levels*
  • support immune function*
  • enhance recovery and improve energy*

Assault is a meticulously engineered matrix of synergistic performance-enhancing compounds. Formulated to ignite and fuel muscle growth, increase power output, support concentration and focus, and supercharge muscle energy and stamina.*

ASSAULT provides bodybuilders, power lifters, fighters and strength athletes with a potent Pre- and Intra-Workout powerhouse that will fuel plateau-busting, limit-shattering levels of performance never experienced before.* Consume ASSAULT prior to training, or sip on it during the first part of your workout. With your very first dose, you will feel a performance-boosting power surge like you've never felt before. Your training will never be the same!


- 4G OF BETA ALANINE - Crush fatigue and supercharge endurance.*
- SUMA ROOT - Used for years by top Russian athletes for strength and muscle-building.*
- CREATINE HCL-Bio-Availability
- CITRULLINE MALATE - Fuel aerobic energy pathways and support muscular energy production.*
- ARGININE - Enhance volumization, nutrient delivery and cellular oxygenation*


Is ASSAULT™ safe?

ASSAULT™ contains all-natural or naturally-derived performance-enhancing ingredients. MusclePharm recommends always checking with your physician before using any new supplement or training program, especially one with the extreme power of ASSAULT™. But, generally speaking, ASSAULT™ is very safe.

What will I feel from ASSAULT™?

The first thing you'll notice with ASSAULT™ is that you'll be able to do more reps per set or train longer than you could previously.* Your recovery between sets may decrease.* Your muscles will feel "fuller" and more powerful during and after training - not flat and drained.* The total amount of actual work and intensity at which you train may increase.* This will ultimately bring your training productivity to a whole new level.*

When will I start to feel ASSAULT™?

You may begin to feel ASSAULT™'s performance-enhancing effects from the very first dose!*

How do I use ASSAULT™?

ASSAULT™ contains twice the active ingredients as most products of its kind, making it one of the most powerful pre-workout products on the market for performance-enhancing effects.* Take 1/2 to 1 scoop of ASSAULT™ 15-30 minutes prior to training and watch your performance increase measurably!* Use ASSAULT™ every day, prior to each workout, and watch your strength, stamina and performance shoot through the roof!*

Use 1 scoop of ASSAULT in 12-16 oz of water 20-30 minutes before training.

Use 1/2 scoop of ASSAULT in 8-12 oz of water 20-30 minutes before training.


Can I take ASSAULT™ if I'm taking creatine, or other supplements?

A single dose of ASSAULT™ contains sufficient quantities of creatine, arginine, citrulline and beta-alanine - some of the most powerful and effective pre-workout performance-boosters available! You will not need to take other pre-workout products if you're taking ASSAULT™. I currently use [brand X] pre-workout. Why would I buy ASSAULT™? Dose per dose, ASSAULT™ contains TWICE THE ACTIVE ingredients of many other brands! With more than 40,000mg of powerhouse performance-boosters per dose, ASSAULT™ is one of the most-potent single pre-workouts available.

  • More product for your hard-earned money!
  • Scientifically supported formula*
  • Pre-workout choice of MMA champs like Anderson Silva and Rashad Evans.

ASSAULT™ is a serious product from a serious company. As with all MusclePharm products, ASSAULT™ was clinically designed and tested on real athletes, made for real athletes. Athletes, who are looking for an edge in the gym or on the mat, fuel your high-intensity training with MusclePharm's ASSAULT™!

Gain the edge over your competition - Add ASSAULT™ to your arsenal!

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