BATTLE FUEL by Muscle Pharm 126ct



BATTLE FUEL™ is a unique, high-performance Anabolic Support formula. BATTLE FUEL™ was formulated to provide hard training athletes with comprehensive support for hormonal, muscle building, and recovery systems. BATTLE FUEL allows hard working athletes to push harder, and recover quicker from the rigors of high-intensity training by supporting the body’s internal environment.

Fueling high-performance training can place undue stress on the body’s internal mechanisms. The body systems that govern muscle building, recovery and growth, and the immune system are all taxed during hard training. BATTLE FUEL™ was designed to help keep the body’s hormonal system ANABOLIC, while facilitating health, recovery and growth to maximize performance and training results.

• Maximize Testosterone Output
• Modulate Estrogen
• Support Anabolic Processes
• Boost Immune System
• Support Cellular Oxygenation and Fuel Endurance
• Natural Detoxifier/Free-Radical Scavenger
• Dramatically Enhance Recovery
• Enhance Aggressive Mental Focus

BATTLE FUEL™ combines several natural compounds that have been shown to impact the body’s hormonal, recovery and immune pathways. BATTLE FUEL™ is a comprehensive system of 5 “MATRICES” each specifically formulated to target key anabolic and recovery pathways within the body to support muscle growth, fuel recovery and maximize the body’s adaptive response to hard training.

Careful combination of the key ingredients in BATTLE FUEL™ results in one of the most powerful Natural Performance Enhancers ever formulated.

BATTLE FUEL™ Natural Anabolic Stack:
• TESTOSTERONE BOOST Matrix – Maximize Anabolism
BATTLE FUEL™ meticulously combines several herbal hormonal support agents in proven quantities included to boost testosterone and free testosterone levels. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) is the Testosterone control switch within the body. BATTLE FUEL™ contains LJ-100 to counter SHBG, to “free” testosterone from this binding protein.

• ESTROGEN SUPPRESSION Matrix–Modulate Estrogen/Support Anabolism
Supporting maximum anabolism includes modulating estrogen, without completely eliminating this powerful hormone. BATTLE FUEL™ contains a precise combination of DIM, di-indole-methane and the potent free-radical scavenger/ estrogen-modulator, Trans-Resveratrol to keep estrogen levels in check, for a harder, drier look, without eliminating the anabolic components of this powerful hormone.

• MUSCLE BUILDING BLOCK Matrix–Maximize Anabolism and Recovery
BATTLE FUEL™ contains an anabolic support matrix comprised of several botanicals that have shown strong impact on energy production and recovery from muscular fatigue. Herbs including Suma root and extract, also known as The Russian Secret, and Maca extract, have demonstrated endocrine support, increased cellular oxygenation, quicker recovery and greater endurance.

• OXYGENATION / ENDURANCE Matrix - Anti-Fatigue / Unending Endurance
BATTLE FUEL™ contains two key ingredients that help support cellular oxygenation, combat fatigue and help support ongoing muscular endurance. Di-methylglycine (DMG) has been shown to help with oxygen utilization at the cellular level, functions as an anti-oxidant, and boosts the immune system. Suma root, the Russian Secret, has been shown to help support cellular oxygenation among a myriad other performance-enhancing benefits. Together, these two powder keg additives combat fatigue and help with cellular respiration for greater on demand energy yield.

• INTERNAL SUPPORT MATRIX – Immune Support / Cellular Health
Fueling high-performance training can place stress on the body’s internal mechanisms. Metabolic, biochemical “pollution” builds up, and can impact performance, recovery and immune function. BATTLE FUEL™ contains a carefully formulated herbal matrix specifically designed to scavenge free-radicals, detoxify and cleanse internal organs, enhance recovery and bolster the immune-system. The Internal Support Matrix contains specific adaptogens, anti-oxidants and detoxifying agents that work synergistically to preserve the internal health of the hard-training athlete.


1. Naturally Maximizes the Anabolic Environment by
Increasing Testosterone Production
• Maximizing Free Testosterone
Modulating Estrogen

2. Increases Performance bybr /> • Reducing Fatigue and Increasing Strength
• Increasing Cellular Oxygenation
• Enhancing Aggressive Mental Focus

3. Supports Faster Recovery for Greater Training Gains by
• Cleansing Internal Systems with Specific Adaptogenic and Free-Radical Agents
• Boosting Immune System

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