Cytolean V2 90ct by Gaspari Nutrition


  • Effectively Reduces Adipogenesis
  • Attacks Visceral Adipose Tissue
  • Extremely Powerful Long Lasting Energy & Mental Clarity
  • Crushes Appetite & Constant Cravings
  • Optimally Modulates Cortisol

About Cytolean V2

Gaspari Nutrition has yet again redefined another class of supplements with Cytolean V2. The Gaspari research team set their sights on stimulant energy fat burners and decimated the competition with an awe inspiring array of new ingredients and technology. The all new Cytolean V2 is guaranteed to provide you with long lasting energy and increased mental clarity all with NO CRASH! Even better, the revolutionary formula can actually inhibit the formation of new fat deposits and targets visceral adipose tissue (belly fat) by modulating cortisol levels. You will not find another product like this on the market. Ask any athlete, only Gaspari Nutrition is committed to delivering the best results, fast, and Cytolean V2™ is no exception. Whether your goal is increased energy or to lose unsightly fat, Cytolean V2 is the solution. For the serious athlete, experience the greatest Fat Loss/Recomposition rotation in the history of sports nutrition and diet; Cytolean V2™ & Mitotropin™ capable of taking your physique to levels you never thought possible. To set the record straight, Cytolean V2 is the REAL DEAL!


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