High Voltage Fast DETOX Flush Capsules in Bottle - 10 caps

Did you know that food, water we ingest and the air we breath can cause damage to our organs and tissues. It is important that we cleanse or remove these toxins from our bodies regularly. High Voltage Fast Flush Capsules provide a safe and effective way to help cleanse the body of unwanted toxins that build up in your body every day.

High Voltage Fast Flush Capsules* is specially formulated with a unique blend of 16 nutrients and herbal extracts that are combined in each bottle to remove unwanted toxins and pollutants from your urinary tract.  High Voltage Fast Flush Capsules take effect within 30 minutes and can last 6-8 hours depending on ones metabolism and drug use history. We recommend you use High Voltage Fast Flush Capsules often so you can benefit from a cleaner, healthier body.


  1. Consume all 18 capsules with 16 oz. of water.
  2. Wait 15 minutes then drink another 16 oz. of water.
  3. Product is most effective after three normal sized urinations.
  4. If you are having trouble urinating you can increase your water intake by 16oz of water per hour.

For Maximum Results:

  • Avoid unwanted toxins for 24-48 hours, the longer the better.
  • Pre-cleanse period, the night before (12-24 hours Prior to consuming High Voltage) drink 10-8oz glasses of water over an 8 hour period.
  • Do not eat large meals or consume any food with Caffeine or Fruit Juices during the pre-cleanse period.
  • Avoid over the counter or un-prescribed medications, alcohol, acidic liquids (such as vinegar, pickle juice, coffee, etc), Vitamins or salty foods.
  • Schedule your test for the afternoon or be sure to have several hours prior to a morning test.
  • Submit midstream urine sample (not the beginning nor the end of your urination)

High Voltage
Fast Flush Capsules


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