DIABLOS FIRE CAPS 100ct by Innovative Labratories ECA

    Fat Incineration Complex          50 mg ephedra per cap

- Energy Rush
- Burns Fat
- Curbs Appetite

DIABLOS ECA FIRE CAPS boasts a 50 milligram CoreX Brand Ephedra extract which makes this one of the hottest fat burners on the market!  ECA FIRE CAPS target fat burning, energy, cortisol reduction, appetite, mental focus and cell oxidation. If you're looking for an incinerator that works, you have found it.

The brilliant minds of the R & D team at Innovative Bio-Laboratories have raised the bar and “unleashed” the ultimate breakthrough in fat loss and energy. The newly scientifically engineered Diablos FIRE CAPS does what diet and exercise alone cannot do. Diablos FIRE CAPS is designed to incinerate fat by boosting your metabolism, heighten energy levels, improve mental focus, assist in appetite control, reduce cortisol levels and provide antioxidants for cell rejuvenation.

The key to the Diablos successful fat loss technology is a multiple pathway approach. Unlike many other weight loss products that try to tackle fat loss through one biochemical pathway, the Diablos approaches fat loss in several different ways by utilization of its unique (trademarked) proprietary blends and independent ingredients.

      Product Features     

1. Amine Matrix a blend of sympathomimetic amines that increases lioplysis (fat breakdown) through enhanced dopamine concentration and thyroid output. The Amine Matrix TM stimulates the release of norepinephrine in the body, which acts on adipose tissues by increasing cAMP levels. Once cAMP levels are increased, it raises the bodies core temperature producing themogenesis (calorie burning).
2. CoreX (Brand Ephedra Extract) is derived from Sida Cordifolia and standardized for the alkaloids (Tannis, Vasicinone,Vasicine,Vasicinol,Phyosterols & Mucins). These beneficial ephedra constituents provides stimulatory effects and with the help of other compounds it synergically aids in the thermogenesis process. This extract is part E (Ephedra) of the popular ECA Stack which makes up the Diablos FIRE CAPS.
3. Thermo cAMP this blend contains certified South African Hoodia which aids in the Anorectic effect (appetite suppressing) and utilizes other compounds to target mental focus while increasing lioplysis and the thermogenesis.
4. Caffeine Anhydrous is a metabolic stimulant that reduces physical fatigue while increasing mental alertness. This extract is part C (Caffeine) of the popular ECA Stack and present in the Diablos FIRE CAPS.
5. White Willow contains Salicin which is a chemical similar to Aspirin and through scientific research has shown to help extend the activity and effects of other ingredients. This compound is part A (Aspirin) of the popular ECA Stack and is present in the Diablos FIRE CAPS

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