ESTROGENEX 90ct by HiTech

Normalize Hormone Levels For A Spectrum Of Health Benefits!*

Estrogenex is a nutritional supplement designed to normalize all hormone levels, yielding a wide spectrum of health benefits.* Estrogenex is a multi-pathway formulation that minimizes or eliminates the undesirable effects associated with an estrogen dominant environment.* Estrogenex maintains the correct testosterone to estrogen ratios that yield the benefits associated with normal estrogen levels.* Estrogenex acts as an irreversible anti-aromatase agent and is thus a powerful elevator of total testosterone and maximum liberator of free testosterone.* Estrogenex may also play a role in long-term selective estrogen blocking and/or inhibition of selective estrogen signaling.* Estrogenex may contribute to notable improvements in muscular growth and fat loss, in addition to its wide array of health benefits.*

Estrogenex is designed for:

Normalization of all hormone levels, with specific tendencies toward testosterone dominance.* Adjunctive supplementation for men to ensure that raising testosterone levels will not yield an undesirable increase in estrogen levels.* A natural, more effective alternative for bodybuilders and athletes for the purpose of stimulating endogenous testosterone production.*


Testosterone exists in the blood in either an active (free) or unbound state (+-2%) or inactive state bound to one of two proteins: sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG) (+-45%) or albumin (+-53%). Only when testosterone is in its free state can it directly interact with cellular receptors and exert its activity. SHBG preferentially binds to testosterone over estrogen. Higher levels of SHBG in women help to maintain higher estrogen to testosterone ratios. Increased estrogen leads to an increase in SHBG. Thus, lowering the level of SHBG allows for an increased level of free testosterone. Obviously, if testosterone finds it more difficult to locate available plasma proteins in the presence of the additional compound, more will be left in an unbound state.

The amount of free testosterone can be altered (increased) by the use of aromatase inhibitors (the less testosterone that is synthesized [aromatized] into estrogen, the more total testosterone) or inhibitors of the plasma proteins that bind into testosterone. Manipulating the tendency of a testosterone to exist in an unbound state is an effective way to alter the overall activity and potency of one's overall testosterone levels. Higher levels of testosterone produce an enhanced anti-glucocorticoid effect, which yields an anti-catabolic, or more precisely, anti-proteolytic, effect on muscle cells. This indirect anabolic effect is the result of testosterone's high affinity for binding with glucocorticoid receptors, thus blocking the normal messenger pathway that triggers protein release from muscle tissue. More free testosterone also likely results in higher concentrations of IGF-1 and IGF-1 receptor sites in skeletal muscle tissue. Correspondingly, lower testosterone also likely yields less IGF-1 production and a corresponding decrease in IGF-1 receptor sites. Lower free testosterone also likely means a weaker immune system.

Although testosterone is considered to be a male hormone and estrogen a female hormone, both hormones exist in both males and females and serve important functions for both. Estrogen is a term that really represents a collection of female hormones, with esterone predominating. Since esterone is the estrogen that is normally in the highest concentration, it is an excellent marker for basic estrogen levels for that reason. At least three estrogens have multiple and overlapping functions. Men obtain their estrogen through the action of the aromatase, which synthesizes (aromatizes) testosterone into estrogen. However, when concentrations of estrogen become too high and/or the normal ratio of testosterone to estrogen decreases, the potential for the development of undesirable conditions arises. This includes the development of the female breast tissue (gynecomastia), increased body fat and water retention. Also, research suggests that DHT and prostate tissue growth have a direct connection to above normal estrogen elevations and reduced testosterone levels.

The Estrogenex Mechanism of Action

The Estrogenex proprietary formula was developed by combining naturally occurring aromatase inhibitors and inhibitors of the action of SHBG. The primary active ingredients in Estrogenex are Coumesterol and Chrysin. Estrogenex does not exert its action through any direct hormonal or prohormonal activity (estrogenic).* Before Estrogenex, little success had been achieved using chrysin as an effective aromatase inhibitor because chrysin is poorly absorbed in the bloodstream. However, in addition to their own specific aromatase inhibiting and estrogen blocking actions, the proprietary blend of other ingredients work in synergy with chrysin to maintain a stable estrogen environment.* We also incorporated our proprietary delivery system called Extend-RX to avoid competing with other hormones such as testosterone in the Aromatase Cytochrome P450.*

It is believed that Estrogenex exerts its effects through several mechanisms of action, which can be classified into two groups: as an inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and an inhibitor of the action of SHBG, and as a blocker of selective estrogen receptors and/or inhibitor of selective estrogen signaling.*

Substances that are aromatase inhibitors block the action of the enzyme aromatase that converts testosterone to estrogen. Substances that act as an anti-estrogen are those that block the estrogen receptor. Thus, even though there is estrogen circulating in the blood, the estrogen cannot exert its effects because it is blocked from attaching to its estrogen receptor. The dietary supplement Estrogenex is a multi-pathway agent that exerts its influence by blocking various stages in the aromatase process and by inhibiting SHBG's action.* Further, it appears that use of Estrogenex may result in long-term blocking of selective estrogen receptors and/or inhibition of selective estrogen signaling.*

Estrogenex as an elevator of total testosterone and liberator of free testosterone.* As a powerful aromatase inhibitor, Estrogenex also possesses notable testosterone stimulating properties.* The aromatase inhibiting action reduces the signal that estrogen sends to the brain to suppress endogenous testosterone production (estrogen is a main feedback signal to control the release of testosterone, thus increasing the testicular output of testosterone).* Estrogenex thus assists in resetting the body's level of its own natural testosterone production by regulating the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA), which constantly adjusts the body's production of testosterone to maintain target blood levels.* Continued use of Estrogenex results in not only a significant reduction in the production of estrogen, but also a corresponding substantial increase in endogenous testosterone.* Estrogenex addresses all possible channels to estrogen maintenance and free testosterone elevation, which means optimal hormonal levels for muscle building and fat loss support.*

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