Fat Smack XR by Purus Labs 90ct


Fat Smack XR™ is yet another novel product designed by Purus Labs® adhering to our established guidelines of including only research-validated ingredients with oral efficacy shown in human subjects AND including them at the exact dosages proven efficacious in the research. Fat Smack™ contains a unique blend of ingredients, each carefully selected for their potential impact on weight/fat loss related variables, as opposed to a wash-list proprietary blend of unsubstantiated materials like so many others. With the new Fat Smack XR, you get a powerful thermolipolytic with an extended release that won't quit out on you. Brevity, transparency, and precision, the exact principle logic fueling Purus Labs®.*

Key Benefits:

  • Incite Thermogenesis*
  • Elevate Energy Levels*
  • Amplify Fatty Acid Mobilization*
  • Blunt Appetite*
  • Extended Release*

Fat Smack XR ™ possesses the most clinically researched ensemble of lipolytic/thermogenic ingredients the supplement market has to offer. This formula was carefully engineered to increase fatty acid mobilization, enhance thermogenesis, bolster mental acuity, provide nervous system stimulation, and of course, the end result is weight loss.

Every singular ingredient has been included at the exact research-validated oral dosage elucidated through human-based, peer-reviewed clinical trials to bring forth a synergistically potent weight-loss aid.

Key Benefits:

  • Enteric coated, extended release caffeine anhydrous beadlets
  • Pungent vanilloid receptor agonizing capsaicinoids
  • Highly specialized catechin extract of EGCG from Green Tea
  • Cissus Quadrangularis standardized for ketosteroid content

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