Formadrol Extreme 90 ct by LG sciences , Legal Gear

One of the unpleasant side effects of a really effective testosterone cycle can be bloat and fat as your testosterone converts to estrogen.*

So how do you increase your testosterone and protect it from estrogen conversion? Your testosterone levels are always under attack - by age and many other things. Some of these even shut your production down completely. The last thing you need is your dwindling testosterone turning into estrogen. Everyone knows estrogen can totally destroy the gains you get from your reps and healthy diet.

Every time you try to add more testosterone with natural testosterone boosters - your body tries to regain its hormonal balance. It converts your testosterone into estrogen.

So now, instead of being primed to build muscle and strength and feeling horny as a goat, you have estrogen running around building fat, making you lose your hair and turning your motor off. Sometimes, your pituitary gets really confused and turns off testosterone production completely!

Protect Your Testosterone*

Formadrol Extreme™ ups your testosterone levels, blocks estrogen conversion and helps you create your own testosterone, naturally.* It's a powerful anti-estrogen, pro-testosterone complex.* Formadrol Extreme™ combines two ferocious anti-estrogen ingredients to absolutely obliterate estrogen while increasing testosterone at the same time.*

So we start by destroying the enzyme that blocks estrogen conversion, which blocks water weight, fat gains and other negative effects.* So far so good. The second ingredient blocks estrogen too and increases testosterone.* First, it reduces the production of any and all estrogen in the body which causes you to significantly increase testosterone production, naturally.*

This same dynamite ingredient normalize your T-levels.* Without this, your body could shut down testosterone production!*

You don't have to worry about testosterone shutting down with Formadrol Extreme™. It skyrockets your testosterone naturally and safely.*

And as a bonus, one of our ingredients may help increase IGF-1 levels, which is coveted in the very hard-core circles.*

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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