Glucozene by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 90ct


Muscle Glycogen Optimizer
  • Glucose Transporter
  • Insulin Mimicker
  • GLUCOZENE-RX™ is most state-of-the-art herbal alternative to regulate glucose and sugar levels. The formulation is made with Lagerstroemia speciosa L., a raw material that serves as a glucose transport simulator and can help cells acquire additional energy. Studies indicate that this supplement may also be a viable herbal alternative to regulate glucose levels through its use of corosolic acid and chlorogenic acid and also possibly aid in weight loss.

    GLUCOZENE-RX™ has taken all the science on its active component Corosolic Acid and added eight synergistic compounds to help regulate glucose levels. The most potent being GCA™ standardized to chlorogenic acid. The other seven components GLUCOZENE-RX™ have been sold as effective glucose management tools by themselves, but when combined with these two components this really sets GLUCOZENE-RX ™ apart from the competition.

    The latest clinical study to examine this product’s effectiveness was conducted by William V. Judy at the Southeastern Instituted of Biomedical Research in Bradenton, Fla. The researchers studied the effects of the triterpenoid active ingredient of GLUCOZENE-RX™, corosolic acid, in balancing blood glucose levels and weight-loss in normal volunteer subjects. Researches found that GLUCOZENE-RX™ given acutely in 24-mg doses produced a transient hypoglycemia before and after 30 days of GLUCOZENE-RX™ supplementation. Peak responses occurred within three hours after ingestion and recovered in three hours. Induced hypoglycemia was within the normal blood sugar range and none of the subjects experienced symptoms of acute hypoglycemia.

    The study also found that weight loss was achieved without the use of a regulated diet or exercise program. The transient hypoglycemia suggested that GLUCOZENE-RX™ could lower blood sugar, causing a natural release of the hormone Glucagon by the pancreatic islands of Langerhans alpha cells. Glucagon stimulates the break down of fat cells to free fatty acids. The fat cells are converted to glycerol and glucose by the liver and are released into the blood as the second part of the blood sugar regulatory mechanism.

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