HMB 120 ct by Scifit

Sci-Fit HMB

Each bottle of Sci-Fit HMB comes in 250 mg doses.

Each bottle of Sci-Fit HMB contains 120 capsules.  Or opt for the 240ct bottle

Sci-Fit HMB (Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate) is found naturally in living matter as a metabolite of the essential amino acid L-leucine. There is preliminary evidence suggesting HMB may be an anticatabolic and immunomodulatory substance.1

In one study of HMB, the supplemented subjects receiving 1.5 grams or 3 grams daily were able to lift more weight than the unsupplemented control group. The researchers concluded that either dose of HMB "can partly prevent exercise induced proteolysis and/or muscle damage and result in larger gains in muscle function associated with resistance training."

HMB is a proven anticatabolic dietary supplement.

HMB has been shown in controlled studies (with athletes performing regular resistance training) that when taken at 3 grams per day, produce a 300% greater increase in lean mass gain.

HMB has a pronounced effect on decreasing the protein breakdown induced by resistance training along with increasing nitrogen retention by the body, resulting in a subsequent increase in lean muscle mass and strength.

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