ISOFAST 50 by MHP 44 servings



ISOFAST 50 is scientifically formulated for elite bodybuilders and athletes engaged in intense training programs to help promote muscle building, inhibit catabolism and improve recovery for maximum results. ISOFAST 50 utilizes micronparticulated whey protein isolate with Biohydrolase, a new advanced Biohydrolysis Technology, for amazingly fast anabolic muscle building activation.

ISOFAST 50 goes even further than the industry standard triple microfiltration by adding two additional steps and technologies to its processing – Micronparticulation and Biohydrolysis. These two advanced technologies allow ISOFAST 50 to function like a Hydrolyzed Whey Protein (WPH) inside the body. Hydrolyzed whey protein offers additional muscle building benefits, because the hydrolysis process breaks down the WPI into di- and tri-peptides for faster absorption. In the development of ISOFAST 50, MHP scientists achieved their goal in delivering the great taste of WPI with the benefits of WPH by utilizing these advanced Micronparticulation and Biohydrolysis Technologies.

•50 GRAM Protein Infusion in Seconds!
•Ultra-Fast Absorption with Biohydrolyzed WPI Technology
•Highly Anabolic Muscle Building Action
•Helps Reduce Catabolic Muscle Wasting
•Enhanced with Micronized BCAAs

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