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ISOFLEX is 100% sourced from the United States. ALLMAX protein products contain absolutely zero protein sourced from China.

Maximum taste, maximum convenience; ISOFLEX has taken the forefront of nutrition excellence and stakes its claim as the best in cutting edge nutrition. With 7 critical cofactors in 4 proprietary complexes, ISOFLEX has been stripped of unwanted substances to create ultimate purity in its low molecular weight, highly-bioavailable whey protein isolate and systematically enhances a potent delivery system to ensure powerful nutrient assimilation that you can feel.  Available in 6 delicious flavors all with amazing taste and a superior blend of protein, this 90% pure protein per scoop formula is the best on the market bar none. It is virtually fat free, a whopping 27 grams of active whey protein isolate, it contains only 1 g of sugar, is 98% lactose-free and completely aspartame-free. This is an exceptional whey protein.

ISOFLEX is the best tasting protein powder on the market.  The taste is far superior to similar protein powders that are bland and sandy tasting that are on the market. Coming in six flavors, you can smell the distinct mouth watering smell as you open the container.  The smell is terrific and sets the stage for a great shake. The flavors include Chocolate (with real chocolate chips and great consistency) Peanut Butter Chocolate (mix this with ice for a Reese's Pieces taste- you have got to try this!), Chocolate Mint Supreme, Orange Burst, Vanilla (with real vanilla beans), and Strawberry (with real strawberry pieces),

ISOFLEX combines four proprietary delivery systems. ISOFLEX goal is to help you reach your goals! These systems include state of the art formulas to increase ingredient synergy and provide the highest quality, amazing tasting protein powder.

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