Kratom Extract 15X 5 Grams

15 X Kratom Powder Extract 5 gram Bag The pleasurable effects from Standardized 15 X Kratom Powder Extract can last for several hours. Kratom can have an effect similar to opiates and should be highly respected. Kratom is used by many Asian cultures as a remedy to relieve pain and focus the mind. Natives of Thailand have chewed Kratom leaves for centuries as an anesthetic and stimulant similar to chewed coca leaves by natives of South America. The beneficial effects of Kratom are said to "calm the mind". Standardized 15 X Kratom Powder Extract can be used as a stimulant (in low doses), a sedative (in high doses) and as a powerful pain killer. 1 or 2 grams in water or juice will promote effects for approximately 6 hours. A small dose of up to 1 gram of Standardized 15 X Kratom Powder Extract will reduce fatigue and produce a feeling of well-being resulting in more energy and increased powers of concentration. Increased pleasure and state of euphoria will result when higher doses of Standardized 15 X Kratom Powder Extract are used. Stronger doses should be taken in gradual increases and moderation is always an important consideration. 2-5 grams of Standardized 15 X Kratom Powder Extract is considered a high dose. Kratom Warnings: Pregnant woman, women who intend to become pregnant and breast-feeding woman should not use Kratom. Kratom should not be used every day. High and regular doses of Kratom may become as addictive as other stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco or coffee. Side effects of Kratom can include constipation, dry mouth, darkening of the skin (mainly on the cheeks). Do not drive vehicles, operate heavy machinery, climb ladders, use power tools or try to swim while under the effects of any Kratom product. Do not use Kratom in combination with MAO inhibitor drugs!

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