Lean Body by Labrada 20 Pack

Lean Body

Delicious Taste
  • Low Fat
  • 45g Protein
  • No Sugar Added
  • Contains 10 g of glutamine and glutamine precursors per serving. Low sugar, low fat, low sodium. Whey protein isolates and whey peptides.

    Lean Body® is the instant, delicious meal replacement drink mix that provides the extra protein and nutrients that athletes need, without extra carbohydrates or calories.

    Lean Body makes it easy to stay in great shape, and perform at your peak! Just tear open an easy-to-use packet and stir into 16 oz. of ice-cold water to make a smooth, delicious shake.

    Lean Body tastes so good that it was awarded an American Tasting Institute Gold Metal! Each packet of Lean Body is a nutritional powerhouse containing a big 45 grams of high-quality protein, only 24 grams of carbs, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals!

    Lean Body is also low fat and has no added sugar. Use Lean Body twice a day in conjunction with your training program and start feeling and seeing the difference!

    "Lean Body is the food of champions. I designed Lean Body to provide athletes with a concentrated source of protein and essential nutrients in an easy-to-use, low-carbohydrate drink. Lean Body tastes great, keeps me in great shape, and helps me perform at my best!"
    – Lee Labrada, Pro Bodybuilding Legend and Founder of Labrada Nutriti

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