MESOMORPH 388g by APS (Advanced Performance Supplements)

Mesomorph delivers pharmaceutical grade dosages of cell volumizing ingredients. These ingredients include Beta-Alanine, GlycoCarn(GPLC) and L-CiturlineMesomorph is your complete pre-workout supplement.  Mesomorph is stimulant free, so no worries about jitters or being wide awake at night after a crushing workout. No post workout crash! Great tasting lemonade flavor.

Mesomorph Supplement Facts
Serving Size 18.5 gm (One Level scoop)
Servings Per Container 25
Synthenox-Carnosine/Nitric Oxide Synthesizing Complex 10,600mg
Beta Alanine
Arginine Ethyl Ester DI-HCL
Icariin (50%)
Glycocarn (GPLC)
Mesowell-Cell Volumizing ATP Matrix 5,850mg
Di-Creatine Malate

Mesomorph Other Ingredients
Naturally Sweet, Sucralose, Potassium Citrate, Firm Lemon #P9431, Acesulfame-K, Beta Carotene, Silicon Dioxide

Mesomorph Suggested Use
As a dietary supplement 40 min prior to workout mix one scoop of Mesomorph with 8-10 oz of water, stir adequately and consume immediately on an empty stomach. On non-workout days consume 1/2 scoop Mesomorph mixed in water on an empty stomach.

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