NO BOMB 96ct by MHP

MHP scientists have raised the bar on clinically tested efficacy in the development of NO-BOMB, the first ever formula to use a full clinical dose of the patented biochemically modified pharmaceutical compound GlycoCarn (GLPC, or glycine propionyl-L-carnitine). At the clinically dosed 4.5 grams, this compound has been shown to be far superior to arginine and AAKG in boosting nitric oxide levels to help trigger far greater pumps and muscle growth. In addition to its superior NO-boosting effects, GlycoCarn also had many other benefits including buffering lactic acid for increased endurance, powerful antioxidant properties for improved recovery and increased fatty acid metabolism for increased energy and fat burning.

NO-BOMB goes even further to set itself far apart from all other NO formulas by introducing another major breakthrough in nitric oxide with its KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology. NO-BOMB’s KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology is a new development that utilizes the bioactives K-Nitrate (KNO3) and Na-Nitrite (NaNO2). These bioactives have been shown to increase vasodilation independent of nitric oxide! Furthermore, the revolutionary KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology utilizes a newly discovered nitric oxide pathway and is recycled into nitric oxide to provide even great vasodilation and muscle pumps. Additionally, the KNO3/NaNO2 combination has been shown to sustain muscle pumps far greater and longer than nitric oxide alone. NO-BOMB also contains advanced NO-Sustaining Agents (AstaGuard™ – 3,3'-dihydroxy-ß-carotene-4,4'-dione) and specialized PDE-5 inhibitors to promote NO synthase activity.

NO-BOMB’s dual-action clinically dosed GlycoCarn/KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology combination produces powerful synergistic nitric oxide effects far beyond anything you have ever taken before. NO-BOMB increases muscle size, strength and endurance, while also improving performance and body composition.

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