RIPPED UP 120CT w/ ephedra, compare to original Ripped Fuel /by NICWL

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Ripped Up is the strongest weight loss supplement and fat burner created for people who used to take ripped fuel and felt like something was missing. Ripped UP diet pills are a huge step up from original fuel tablets, because they contain a lot more ingredients per pill with an added 20mg of ephedra extract , theobromine, green tea and phenylethylamine and each bottle comes with 120 capsules. The original ripped fuel formula contained ephedrine and was banned from the market in 2004. The makers of Ripped UP saw the opportunity to offer even better diet pill with ephedra extract and replaced ephedrine with synephrin which offers same type of effects on the body as ephedrine, but without the harmful side effects.

Ripped Up targets fat cells and promotes rapid fat burn around the abdomen area, speeds up the heart rate and stimulates thermogenesis in the body. As a result you feel a lot of extra energy, a similar feeling to taking ripped fuel, making you feel you can work out harder, eat a lot less and feel a lot better!*

      ● More intense workouts
      ● Faster weight loss
      ● Better appetite suppression
      ● No jittery feelings
      ● No side effects

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