Shred-Ultra by Millenium Sport 90ct


SHRED-ULTRA™ is our super strength fat burning formula that combines powerful thermogenic ingredients for maximum energy, appetite suppression, mental clarity and fat burning with high potency adaptogenic herbs for comprehensive adrenal support. All stimulant fat burners exhaust the adrenal glands by causing a down regulation in adrenaline production through over stimulation called adrenal fatigue. Avoiding down regulation in adrenaline production is imperative to avoid elevated cortisol levels from the negative feedback loop. The lower adrenaline levels fall the higher cortisol levels rise. SHRED-ULTRA™ is the only high stimulant fat burner on the market to provide ample support to the adrenals for incredible sustained energy production, mental clarity and focus and stabilized stress hormone levels.*

SHRED-ULTRA™ combines the powerful adaptogens Ashwagandha (10:1), Siberian Eleuthero (50:1), American Ginseng (4:1), potent adaptogenic Ginsenosides (80%) from Panax Ginseng with a potent building block of adrenaline, Pantothenic Acid to provide comprehensive support to the adrenal glands for healthy energy and lower cortisol and stress levels. The adrenals are taxed heavily everyday due to the intake of stimulants and the constant burden of our stressful lives. The continuous stress on our adrenals causes them to overwork thus down regulating and becoming sluggish. This adrenal down regulation adversely affects everything from hormones and energy levels to mood, sleep and mental clarity. SHRED-ULTRA™ provides potent adaptogens (compounds that help the body adapt to stress) to fight adrenal fatigue and bring balance and synergy to the SHRED-ULTRA™ product. The Adrenaline-XS™ blend allows SHRED-ULTRA™ to stay active longer creating a sustained thermogenic effect combined with smooth all day energy without a crash.*

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