Vitafemme by All Max Nutrition

VITAFEMME is ideally suited for today's active woman. The perfect companion to
your busy life, VITAFEMME comes in convenient and portable multi-pack which
means there's No Guess Work Involved! VITAFEMME gives you all of the essential
vitamins you need and wide range of active components to help you with all
aspects of your life. Included are key ingredients like Ginseng and Echinacea to
help support your immune system. VITAFEMME is the only multi-pack vitamin,
mineral and nutrient supplement for women with Probiotics, Preobiotics and a
full spectrum of Enzymes to help your immune system in 3 Different Ways!
VITAFEMME has a complete Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acid Complex including
DHA and EPA that provides key Omega Factors that are truly essential to the
maintenance of good health. With your lifestyle, you need joint support to keep
you moving. VITAFEMME comes complete with bone and joint support including 200%
RDI Vitamin D3, Calcium, MSM and Glucosamine. No Women's formula would be
complete without a full spectrum of high ORAC anti-oxidants. VITAFEMME comes
with High-Polyphenol Green Tea Extract, the highly acclaimed Pure Acai Berry
with an ORAC over 100,000 umolTW/100g, 85% Grape Seed Extract, Red Wine Extract
and pure Resveratrol. VITAFEMME is your ideal vitamin, mineral and nutrient
multi-pack that takes the guess work out of what to take. Perfect for
portability, goes in your purse, your gym bag or your pocket, VITAFEMME is the
ultimate in ease and convenience. One look at the label will tell you that you
are getting everything you need and more! Convenient, complete and custom built
for today's healthy and active woman.

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