Vitastack by All Max Nutrition

AllMax Nutrition Vitastack offers a full spectrum multivitamin in an easy and convenient once daily packet. Each serving combines micronutrients, antioxidants, adaptogens and amino acids like BCAAs, beta alanine, arginine and citrulline to help athletes and bodybuilders recover while getting their daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals. Each bottle of Vitastack lasts a full month and is very portable. Simply take a few Vitastack packs with you to work, in your car or at home and be able to take your multivitamin wherever you are. If you’re looking for a premium multivitamin in a convenient pack form, AllMax Nutrition Vitastack is the perfect choice for you.

                                    Vitastack                                    Description                                                                        from                                    ALLMAX NUTRITION                               
-1 Convenient Packet

-7 Unique Formulas in 9 Tablets

-30 Day Complete 1 Month Supply

-Full Spectrum of all 8 Vitamin E Tocopherols & Tocotrienols

-3 most Bioavailable forms of Vitamin B12 (with no Cyanocobalamin)

-5MTHF Folate, the most Bioavailable Folate (Vitamin B9)

-Over 70 Total Active Ingredients

VITASTACK, "The Ultimate Performance Partner": Clearly labeled VITASTACK STACK PACKS are unbelievably convenient; you can pocket them and take it anywhere making VITASTACK the ultimate performance partner. One glance at the Supplement Facts and you'll know that ALLMAX has stayed true to its roots. Over 100 highly active ingredients, many of which are so advanced and so rare, you will only find them in VITASTACK; Ultra-high absorption complex nutrients that give you the ability to reach your true potential.

Bodybuilders and athletes hit the gym hard. You demand far more from your body than anyone else. You want to be better than you are today. You drive yourself through complete dedication and, your nutrient demands far exceed the norm.

Engineered for extreme and intense training, VITASTACK is about as far as you can get from your "mom's multi". VITASTACK is your nutrient foundation. VITASTACK gives you every essential nutrient in dosages hard-training athletes and bodybuilders need to accommodate their excessive physical demands. Serious about training? You seriously don't want to be without VITASTACK.

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